Exercise Ferranti - Monday, December 03, 2018

This exercise took place at the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Headquarters in Liverpool and was well attended by 50 Merseyside Resilience Forum colleagues. It was held to explore and understand the regional and local responses to, and recovery from, a cross border major incident focusing on failure of the electricity supply.


Community Risk Register - H45

A significant failure of the electricity network across one or more regions of Great Britain affecting large numbers of customers (approx. 3 million) for up to 24 hours and for some, periods up to 72 hours.

Specific impacts will vary depending on the region impacted. The effects on large urban areas will be different than elsewhere due to higher population densities and infrastructure dependence. The disruption will directly affect at least one Distribution Network Operator (DNO) with other providing support through mutual aid processes as required. Economic impacts on individuals and businesses will include lost productivity, wages and overtime. Loss of electricity supply even for a few hours can cause significant problems for consumers, especially those considered as vulnerable who are dependent on electricity for vital services. Loss of lighting will lead to accidents and casualties in homes. Fatalities could occur among vulnerable groups e.g. elderly, from loss of heating and water supplies (where pumps are required) and loss of other essential services. Disruptions to roads and public transport network will cause social disruption and increased congestion. Psychologically public anger from those affected will be serious and directed to energy industry, but localised to area impacted.

Aim of the exercise

To explore the issues, impacts, priorities and capabilities of Merseyside Resilience Forum.  The exercise will provide an opportunity to identify and discuss sector interdependencies to develop a greater understanding of the impacts and local response required to improve resilience during a long-term power outage.


  • Raise awareness and understanding of a H45 power outage
  • Consideration of sectorial interdependencies;
  • Consideration of response and recovery;
  • Consideration to Business Continuity Management (BCM) and informing business resilience;
  • Identification of local priorities;
  • Understanding consequence management;
  • Strengthening of plans/processes;
  • Strengthen Category 1 and 2 engagement in the Merseyside;
  • Consideration of communication and messaging;