Exercise Speerhead - 8th February 2019 - Thursday, December 6, 2018


The terrorist attacks experienced in the United Kingdom in 2017 highlighted the difficulties that any area in the UK will face if confronted by a similar incident. This includes not just the initial response but the ongoing consequence management and recovery process, which is equally important and may continue for many months after an incident has taken place.


To exercise Recovery Coordinating Groups and consequence management processes with multi-agency partners in relation to managing the ongoing consequences in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.


To test key partners regarding the role and capabilities of various agencies present.

To identify any gaps in local capabilities and discuss options to remedy same.

Explore and understand any interdependencies which exist between the plans activated by the different organisations including third sector organisations.

Explore and understand the challenges with regard to media response and public communications.  Particularly with the public who do not reside in Merseyside

Understand the ongoing challenges over a range of timescales following an attack, including business continuity and staff welfare.

Identify learning and appropriate actions to be taken as a result of the exercise.