Safety at Sporting Venues - 19th & 20th March 2019 - Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The EPC in partnership with the Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) and our wider partners in government and professional bodies, give the latest advice to improve safety and security at sporting venues for any event.

Ensuring a risk based approach is a critical activity which is embedded throughout this course. From the public travelling to the venue, enjoying the event and getting home again. We consider normal and emergency conditions at every phase to ensure good planning and management to ensure a successful event.


To provide delegates with the opportunity to apply integrated safety management to sports grounds.


Explain the implications of key legislation and guidance in respect of such venues and events

Apply the concept and rationale of Integrated Safety Management

Utilise the relationship between risk, safety and security to inform the planning for a variety of venues and events including multi-site situations

Identify the challenges inherent in achieving effective communication between professionals and with their ‘Public’

Analyse the human and practical aspects associated with contingency and emergency planning and management at sports grounds and events

Examine previous events and incidents to identify the lessons to be learnt