Emergency Responders - Log Keeping Course - Friday, May 17, 2019


Log-keeping plays an integral part in any incident response. The CCA guidance has emphasised the importance of these documents for good communications and audit purposes. Good logs are important to the decision-making process and for their post-incident evidential value. They also allow lessons to be learned and will benefit those involved in emergency planning and response in the future. It is therefore essential that those keeping logs do so to best practice standards and understand their importance. 


Key Learning Points

• Why logs are important

• How to keep a log

• How to record sensitive material

• How to pool recollections

• How to keep an incident log

• How to keep a radio/communications log

• How to keep a decision-maker’s log

• Appropriate content, language, layout, format, structure and style for post incident reports


Who Should Attend

  • Log Keepers
  • Emergency Planners
  • Tactical Advisors
  • STACs
  • Incident Commanders/Directors
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Commanders