Professional Help

Do I need professional help?

Most people who have encountered a major incident find that they get better over time. However, if you are still having difficulties after a month, you might need some help.

The same advice applies to your children; they, too, may benefit from help if their feelings and behaviour are a worry to you a month after the event. It is helpful to seek advice if this is the case. Going to school may be very helpful to children and young people because it re-establishes routines and brings the contact with friends.

What professional help can I expect?

Advice, help and treatment aimed to enable adults, young people and children to come to terms is available, by talking about their feelings and learning to cope better.

Sometimes, medication is helpful.

Where do I find help?

Speak to your family doctor or contact the NHS 111 Service by dialling 111 or go to

There are support groups and caring organisations you may find helpful include:

  • The Samaritans – Offers a 24-hour helpline for those in crisis. Tel: 08457 909090.
  • Cruse Bereavement Care – Offers counselling, advice and support throughout the UK. Tel:  0844 477 9400.
  • Disaster Action – Download their 'When Disaster Strikes' leaflet series for survivors and the bereaved.  They can provide support and guidance to those people who are affected by disaster.  Tel: 01483 799 066. 
  • Assist Trauma Care – Offers telephone counselling and support to individuals and families in the aftermath of trauma. Tel: 01788 560800 (Helpline).

For useful information, visit the following websites: