During an Emergency

Board Meeting

Emergencies do not have a timeframe or a set schedule, they can be a slow burn emergency like pandemic flu, or more instant like a flood or power failure. It is important as a business that you recognise early on which timeframe your response may be required for.

You may be in the middle of an emergency, with the members of your management team to discuss ways to help your organisation to recover from the disruption and should consider the following during the response:

  • start a log of events, decisions and actions;
  • activate your Business Continuity Plan;
  • staff – who will be required? What will they do? 
  • premises – where can you relocate to? 
  • providers – what do you need? Where can you get it from? 
  • services and products – what is key to your business?
  • communications – public image and stakeholders.