Preparing Your Pets

It is also important to plan for the needs of your pets during a major emergency. Local Authorities have a duty to provide emergency accommodation for those evacuated, but not all of the identified centres can also accommodate pets.

Your pet(s) are an important part of your family and need to be considered during an emergency just as much as yourself and your family. You may wish to consider these points in order to protect them:

  • if you haven't already, get your pet micro-chipped in case you become separated at any time. Make sure that your contact details are kept up-to-date and keep a record of the micro-chip number with your Emergency Grab Bag;
  • try to identify friends, family or boarding kennels that can be used to temporarily house your pet(s) in case they cannot be accommodated with you;
  • prepare an Emergency Evacuation Kit for your pets(s). Think about the basic things you would need to take care of your pet(s) for a few days.  The contents will vary according to your needs, but you may want to consider including the items on our checklist.  Download a copy and amend, as appropriate, to include your own items.