Before an Emergency

What can you do?

Refer to the Merseyside Community Risk Register to learn more about the potential risks that are specific for your neighbourhood.

You may be a member of a variety of communities; geographical (a street, neighbourhood, village); cultural; religious or social (sports club etc).  Each community is full of existing networks and relationships; that are well placed to identify:

  • who has key skills, knowledge, transport or equipment that could help;
  • what building is available and who has the keys (eg village hall, church hall);
  • communication links to ensure everyone’s contacted in an emergency;
  • who could be vulnerable in a emergency;
  • find out whether your community is within a flood risk area (use the Environment Agency website and register to receive Floodline Warnings Direct or phone Floodline on 0345 988 1188 (visit the Flooding section for further details);
  • what the highest priority needs are to respond to and recover from the emergency.

The Preparing for emergencies: guide for communities provides a framework for thinking about why and how you can help your community to be prepared, including:

  • why you should be involved and be prepared;
  • what you can do to make it happen in your community;
  • what help is available from government to support community preparedness.

Why not consider putting together a Community Emergency Plan?


Communities Prepared Knowledge Hub - Blog, Forum and Events

A Communities Prepared Knowledge Hub has been created which provides a forum for collaboration and discussion around community resilience through its three sections: Blog, Forum and Events:

  • the Blog tool will provide a curated set of blogs from local, national and international members to share their approaches to supporting community resilience;
  • the Forum tool can be used to facilitate discussions, ask questions and seek feedback;
  • the Events tool can be used to share upcoming events that you want more people to know about.

Further information and terms of use can be found by joining the group and reading documents on the Communities Prepared Forum.

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